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The Strongest Abandoned Deserter Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author 火星动漫
Artist 火星动漫
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The Strongest Abandoned Deserter

Strongest Abandoned Deserter, The Strongest Abandoned Husband, Zuì Qiáng Qì Fū, 最强弃夫

Synopsis The Strongest Abandoned Deserter

The strongest genius died unexpectedly and was reborn on the weakest waste wood.

Relying on past life memories and exercises, he washed the marrow veins of the strongest waste wood, reshaped his body, and transformed from waste wood into a cultivation genius.

Even if you get divorced at the beginning, so what?

Watch how a genius cultivates immortals, climbs to the top, tramples those who looked down on him in the past, saves beauties, collects money, and reaches the peak of life.


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