I Determine My Own Destiny Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 三福互娱
Artist 三福互娱
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I Determine My Own Destiny

Don't Play by Rules, I Determine My Own Destiny, I Just Don't Play the Card According to the Routine, Wo Jiushi Bu An Taolu Chu Pai, Wǒ Jiùshì Bù Àn Tàolù Chū Pái, 我就是不按套路出牌

Synopsis I Determine My Own Destiny

Jiang Beiran traveled through time and space and arrived at the Dragon Continent with a miserable beginning. And when he was lucky enough to obtain the system, it didn’t work as he expected.

Therefore, he chose to stay low-key, avoid any chances of showing off, and only concentrate on cultivation. However, reality didn’t allow him to be ordinary.

He still became a mysterious powerful cultivator with a lot of flatterers even when he showed off his strength a bit.





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