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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 墨泉
Artist 墨泉
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Demonic Sect Imposter

It's Hard to Mix in With the Demons, Demonic Sect Imposter, 魔宗真的不好混

Synopsis Demonic Sect Imposter

Qin Yao, a disciple of the immortal sect, was seriously injured and fainted during a mission. When he woke up, he found that he was mistaken for a disciple of the demonic sect and was rescued. In order to survive, Qin Yao had to disguise himself as a demon disciple and quietly seek a way to escape back to Qin Yao, seorang murid dari sekte abadi, terluka parah dan pingsan selama misi.

Ketika dia bangun, dia menemukan bahwa dia disalahartikan sebagai murid dari sekte iblis dan diselamatkan.

Untuk bertahan hidup, Qin Yao harus menyamar sebagai murid iblis dan diam-diam mencari cara untuk melarikan diri kembali ke sekte abadi. Namun, klan iblis tidak mudah bergaul!the immortal sect. However, the demon clan is not so easy to mix in!

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